Understanding and Addressing Postnatal Depression in Women

Motherhood is undoubtedly a wonderful experience in a woman’s life, which brings immense joy and happiness. However, a woman goes through various physical and emotional changes during this phase of life and the period immediately following childbirth. One of the most prominent conditions noticed in several women is postnatal depression (PND). PND causes emotions of sadness, anxiety, and hopelessness in spite of societal expectations of happiness. It’s critical to identify symptoms and find effective treatment to support women through this difficult time. Prana Sakhi by Prameya Health is one such program that helps women overcome this challenging time and enjoy the joy of motherhood.

Postpartum depression is usually due to hormonal changes, lack of emotional and social support, financial stressors, physical changes, and child birth experiences. Symptoms can vary from mild to severe including, but not limited to irritability, sleep deprivation, change in appetite, fatigue, sadness, and difficulty bonding with the child.

Postnatal depression can be addressed through open communication and finding appropriate support and help from programs such as Prana Sakhi by Prameya Health that are aimed at women’s wellness and helping them overcome the challenges through different stages of life.

Establishing a good support system with family, friends, and spouses is crucial in gaining emotional support. It is also important to practice a lifestyle involving adequate sleep, a balanced diet, and regular physical activity. Women can also attend awareness programs conducted by organizations such as Prameya Health through their program Prana Sakhi to reduce the stigma.

Postnatal depression or PND can worsen if ignored. It requires a comprehensive approach. Open communication, seeking professional guidance and support, socializing, practicing self-care, awareness, and involving partners can help women deal with and overcome the challenge of PND. Prameya Health has experts who support women with various issues and promote wellness through their program Prana Sakhi.

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