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Prameya health offers holistic women’s health programs run in the
Functional, Emotional, Nutritional and Spiritual or FENS Dimensions of Care.

Our Programs address the health needs of women of all ages from teenagers to seniors.

Women’s Wellness Screening

  • Contactless Thermal Breast Screening

  • Pap Smear

  • Consultations with Gynaecologist and Breast Specialist

Our Experts
Dr. Sandhya Ravi, Senior Breast Surgeon
Dr. Jyothi Menon, Senior Gynaecologist

Well Women's Clinic Bangalore
Well Women's Clinic Bangalore
Fitness and Exercises
Doctor Consultations
Health Screening
Lifestyle Change

Our Programs

Program Duration – 6 sessions

Gifting your Daughter a Confident Start into Healthy Womanhood

For girls entering/entered menarche (Menarche- beginning of Menstruation)

  • Educating about hormones & changes in body.
  • Sessions on importance of menstrual hygiene, Q & A about use of related products
  • Fitness session
  • Diet & Nutrition Advises
  • Motivation and counselling session

Program Duration – 6 sessions

Troubled by disturbed hormones? Join this program to bring harmony inside your body.

  • 6 consultations
  • Diet plan
  • Yoga
  • Stress management
  • Lifestyle plan


“Thinking to have baby soon?” Healthy babies make healthy communities.

  • Nutrition
  • Mental Health
  • Q & A

Couple Counselling

Pregnancy Care – 9 months/6 months/ 3months

Anxious and confused about what to do and what not? What to eat during this phase? Visit us to make this journey more meaningful and healthier.

  • Nutrition education
  • Breast care
  • Yoga –Only few to practice all time/Regular class(Extra cost)  
  • Sessions about womb education, self-care.
  • Emotional & Spiritual sessions
  • Sessions on how to manage pregnancy along with work
  • Experts Consultation (Not inclusive)


Post-delivery Care – 6 Months/ 3 months

Motherhood is the most joyous period, but it’s also a challenging period with many teething issues and confusion. Feeding issues, mom guilt, depression, body image issues, hair fall troubles almost all. Join us to sail through easily and enjoy this phase.

  • Post-delivery – Diet & Regimen
  • Breast care
  • Feeding / weaning tips
  • Sessions to overcome post-partum depression/ low feeling /mom guilt
  • Yoga/ Fitness post 3 months of delivery
  • Experts’ consultation (Not inclusive)

Program Duration – 6 sessions

Are you finding it difficult to manage work and life? Is it taking toll on your health?

We can guide you to overcome this.

  • Sessions on how to stay active in busy schedule
  • Sessions to overcome guilt, motivate, self-care
  • Tips on easy and nutritious food
  • Sessions on building and managing relations without getting stressed.

Program Duration – 6 sessions

Troubled from mood swings, sleeplessness, hot flushes, aches? Menopause is not easy transition for all. If you are experiencing the said symptoms or if you are in the age group above 45, then join us to ride this wave of menopause more smoothly.

Intention –Educate them early to have a smooth menopause

  • Screening ( Not Inclusive)
  • Breast self-examination techniques.
  • Fitness education.
  • Sessions to overcome insomnia, depression and other symptoms experienced during menopause.
  • Motivation & counselling session.
  • Looking good

Program Duration – 6 sessions

Do you often get this question where am I? Do you feel you are lost in this rat race? If yes then rediscover yourself in this program.

Any age groups

  • Dance sessions/ Music sessions
  • Sessions on how to live in present and stay happy, relaxation techniques.
  • Role of food in their health, motivating to eat health
  • Sessions to encourage them to explore themselves.
  • Education &tips about personal hygiene, breast examination, grooming, skin care & hair care.
1.Enjoying Good Health with Longevity :
“Ageing is inevitable but getting old is optional!”. “Vina dhainyena jeevanam” meaning to live without any trouble or dependency on others, particularly in terms of health. Good health is not today’s quest, it’s there since ages. Go through this talk to know the changes that occur in our body with ageing, how to overcome them and age gracefully.
2.Revisiting Cooking Method :
“Buy organic” is the new trend in health care. Just buying organic food will not ensure good health. The method in which food is cooked has lots to do. Starting from the type of utensil used for cooking, type of process adapted, cooking methodologies can make food more compatible to body. If done wrong can harm. Surf through this video to know more about the right cooking methodologies.
3.Harmony for Health. Understanding your Prakriti :
Inside of our body is very similar to outside nature. Changes in nature will have direct impact on our health. We all are same yet different, our appearance, mental health, behaviour, digestion, catching an illness, recovery everything differs from the other. This concept is explained beautifully in Ayurveda under the heading “Prakruti”. Prakruti is innate and formed at the time of conception. Watch this video to know the relation between nature and body and to enjoy a good health. If you are curious about your prakruti, come to Prameya Health and get your Prakruti analysed.

4.Urinary incontinence :
Are you afraid to laugh out loud? 1in 3 women suffer from urinary incontinence. It needs to be addressed. We do curated sessions where you can learn and understand the problem and get advice to overcome holistically along with tailored yoga sessions. Avail this session online or offline.
5.Varicose Veins Offline Workshop :
Are those swollen, twisted, and lengthened veins troubling you? Are you troubled by leg pain? Is the unsightly appearance of veins bothering you? This could be Varicose veins. If left unaddressed can cause serious issues. Learn about the disease and its prevention and some helpful yoga techniques either online or offline.

6.Upcoming Program -6