Our Team

Our Directors

Dr. Sandhya Ravi
Dr. Sandhya Ravi
Founder & Managing Director

In addition to her 3 decades of experience as a surgeon, she also has over 2 decades of experience in heading clinical trials, and has a passion for preventive and supportive care. Her enthusiasm drives the program & the team and creates an unparalleled experience for the participant.

Sudhir Pai
Founder & Director

A CA by profession, with close to 3 decades of experience in the health care and life sciences industry. Previously the CEO of Vikram Hospital, and MD of Lotus Labs, a clinical research organization. Set up, managed, and successfully exited ventures in healthcare, pharma & clinical research sectors.

Ranga Shetty
Co-founder & Director

Has three decades of experience in the software industry in U.S. and India - building world-class engineering teams and driving product innovation. Ranga has previously served as Global Head of User Generated Content Platform at Yahoo

Our Senior Doctors

Dr. Sandhya Ravi
MBBS, MS (Gen. Surgery)
Surgeon & Breast Specialist

MD, Prameya Health Director of SAHAI Cancer Support Programs
Monday to Saturday
10:30am to 1Pm

Dr. P.P Bapsy
MBBS, MD DM - Oncology
Professor of Medical Oncology

Senior Advisor and Director of SAHAI Cancer Support Programs
Every Wednesday
10:30am to 12pm

Dr. Jyothi Menon
MBBS,DGO,MD(OBGY N) Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Senior Consultant and Reproductive Health Specialist
Monday to Saturday
12am to 2pm

Dr. Manasa
BAMS, MD (Ayu)
Ayurvedic Physician

Wellness Consultant and Lead Doctor, Corporate Programs
Tuesday and Thursday
11am to 4pm

Our Cancer Support Team

The SAHAI FENS program is designed and delivered by cancer specialists

Dr. Poonam Maurya
MBBS, DNB (Gen Medicine) DNB (Med Oncology)
Consultant Medical Oncologist

On Appointment

Dr. Mahalakshmi Aal
MBBS DMRT, DNB (Radiation Oncology)
Consultant Radiation Oncologist

On Appointment

Ms. Anuvinda Sadanandan
BSc,MSc (Clinical Psychology) PGDP (Psycho-oncology)
Consultant Psycho- Oncologist and Co-Ordinator of SAHAI PROGRAM

On Appointment

Our Supportive Care Experts

Dr. Mala Venugopal
MA, PGD (Coun),Phd
Psychologist and Spiritual Mentor

On Appointment

Mrs. Usha Madan
M.sc (Genetic) M.S (Counselling and Psychotherapy), DCS(Diploma in Counseling Skills)
Counselor and Psychotherapist

On Appointment

Dr. Lalitha Priya
MSc, Food Science & Nutrition PhD, Nutritional Biochemistry
Consultant Nutritionist

On Appointment

Dr. Nirmala Markandeya
MBBS, DVD, DNB (Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy), ISSA Fitness Trainer
Consultant Dermatologist and Boutique Fitness Instructor

On Appointment

An eclectic team of healthcare professionals with a passion for supportive care
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Dr. Madhuri Vaidyeswar
BHMS, DHM, (uk)
Consultant Homeopath

On Appointment

Mr. Shivanand Nayak
MS, Psychology – Counselling And Psychotherapy
Consultant Handwriting Psychologist

On Appointment

Dr. Vatsala Kashi
MD General Medicine
Senior Physician

On Appointment

Dr. Babitha Jayapal
Consultant Homeopath

On Appointment

Our Yoga and Fitness Team

Swati Raghavendra
MSc, Yoga
Senior Yoga Therapist

Shalini M Rao
Certified Yoga Instructor SVYASA
Yoga Therapist
Kalyani Vinith
Certified Yoga Instructor KYM
Yoga Therapist
Maanasa Bharath
Certified Movement Therapist MS
Dance and Movement Therapist
An eclectic team of healthcare professionals with a passion for supportive care