dr.sharada - women wellness
Dr. Sharada Sahai Participant

Emotionally and mentally I am a very different person today because of the meditation programs, art, craft and all the different sessions I underwent here every week. Now you may ask me how it has helped me physically? I have lost a lot of weight due to the balanced diet given by the experts,. I am able to move freely and flexibly due to the excellent yoga therapy given in the program.

Vasuki Sahai Program- women wellness
Vasuki Sahai Participant

My doctor referred me to the Sahai Program. He said I can go there and talk to Dr. Sandhya over there and she will guide you further with your rehabilitation and help you if you are facing any problems.

Shailaja -women wellness
Shailaja Sahai Participant

Extremely glad that I attended the Sahai Reboot Your Life Program. The Program was relevant and addressed our needs All the sessions - yoga, breathing, exercises, story telling, mudras ans dance had a FEEL GOOD factor and POSITIVITY!

Rajani- Women wellness
Rajini Sahai Participant

They all helped me out in the very difficult journey and now I am free from this and I am able to face everything that comes! Sahai has helped me a lot in this.

Manjula- women wellness
Manjula Sahai Participant

People from Sahai they called me and they said see you are normal and you have battled and have come out successfully. You should know how to dress up, how to face society and you should not feel that you are a sick person. The Sahai faculty taught us everything from top to bottom, what to eat, what not to eat and so much more.

Padma- women wellness
Padma Sahai Participant

The Sahai Program, is excellent that it helps build one’s confidence, fitness especially for Cancer Survivors and it is a boon. I wish such programs are made available to everyone and I also wish for the program to go on forever!