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Cancer is a difficult journey and the healthcare system is geared towards treatment. There is very little time available to provide any supportive care. Meanwhile, there are a lot of “unmet needs” for a Cancer patient. We help address these unmet needs and provide supportive care in the Functional, Emotional, Nutritional and Spiritual, or F.E.N.S. Dimensions.

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dr.sharada - women wellness
Dr. Sharada Sahai Participant

Emotionally and mentally I am a very different person today because of the meditation programs, art, craft and all the different sessions I underwent here every week. Now you may ask me how it has helped me physically? I have lost a lot of weight due to the balanced diet given by the experts,. I am able to move freely and flexibly due to the excellent yoga therapy given in the program.

Vasuki Sahai Program- women wellness
Vasuki Sahai Participant

My doctor referred me to the Sahai Program. He said I can go there and talk to Dr. Sandhya over there and she will guide you further with your rehabilitation and help you if you are facing any problems.