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Empower a Future Generation of Cancer Caregivers 

Are you ready to make a profound difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families?
Prameya Health’s Cancer Support Certificate Program is your gateway to becoming an exceptional cancer care provider. This unique program equips you with the knowledge, skills, and empathy to deliver holistic, patient-centered care during one of life’s most challenging journeys.
Why Choose This Program? 
Comprehensive Curriculum

Dive deep into cancer biology, diagnosis, and treatment while mastering symptom management strategies.

Holistic Approach

Develop expertise in communication skills, psychosocial support, and holistic patient care, ensuring well-rounded support for both individuals and families. 

Renowned Faculty

Learn from leading oncologists, nurses, psychologists, and social workers, gaining invaluable insights from diverse perspectives. 

Make a Real Impact

Join the growing network of 500+ graduates who are already transforming cancer care across India. 

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Why Join Now? 
The Need is Growing
Cancer cases are on the rise, and the demand for skilled and compassionate cancer care providers is greater than ever.  Be Part of the Solution: You have the power to make a significant difference in the lives of patients and their families during a critical time.  Shape Your Future: This program will equip you with the specialized knowledge and skills that are highly sought-after in the healthcare field, opening doors to exciting career opportunities. 
How to Get Started
Explore the program: Download the program brochure and review the curriculum details.  Attend an information session: Connect with our team and learn more about the program in a live setting.  Apply for admission: Submit your application and join a community of dedicated individuals passionate about cancer care. 
Apply for admission
Submit your application and join a community of dedicated individuals passionate about cancer care. 

Student Testimonial

Yoga Testimonials
"Don't wait to make a difference. Enroll in Prameya Health's Cancer Support Certificate Program today and become the next generation of exceptional cancer care providers."
Get a detailed overview of the program curriculum and benefits. Register for Information Session Choose your preferred date and time to learn more from our team!