The Gift of Good Health

We live in a consumer driven world and we are trying to change that in our own small way. Why not gift something different to your family or your friends? Why not help someone in need by sponsoring a program that will make them healthy again? If you share our beliefs in developing healthy communities, join us in making a difference.

Gift a Program

Gift a Program of your choice to your loved ones. There is nothing to say that you care for them more than gifting something that changes their life and helps them become healthy. You can gift wellness programs or lifestyle change programs or a cancer support program or even regular programs such as therapy yoga and fitness sessions. You can choose to gift a one off consultation such as a visit to a nutritionist or one of our 3 months programs. In true Prameya Health style, all our programs are affordable.

Gift a Program

How does it work?

Sahai Program

Our cancer support programs include lymphedema care, 3-months “Back on Track” programs, cancer nutrition, therapy yoga and counselling among others.

Prameya Health Pvt Ltd, based in Bangalore is a preventive and supportive care organisation with a focus on addressing non- communicable diseases like diabetes, heart disease, non alcoholic fatty liver, obesity, cancer and some mental –

health issues through an integrated, multidisciplinary holistic approach. More than 5000 patients have benefitted from our programs which are ongoing since 2016. The programs are run by medical professionals who are experts in their fields and are supported by experienced therapists in all the dimensions of care.

The Supportive care program for Cancer – The Sahai FENS program was initiated in 2018 and has provided holistic supportive care to over 1000 patients with cancer. Supportive care for cancer patients is no longer seen to be a “good to have” but an essential aspect of treatment. The SAHAI FENS Program addresses the unmet supportive care needs of women with cancer. The multi-dimensional program is delivered using the Functional, Emotional, Nutritional and Spiritual Dimensions or the FENS Dimensions of care. The program runs once every week and patients are encouraged to participate for a year to obtain maximum benefit.


The sessions include management of treatment related side effects, tips to manage insomnia and fatigue, guidance on nutrition during and post treatment, relaxation techniques, meditation, guided relaxation & visualisation, specific lymphedema care, grooming, wigs & prosthesis, therapeutic yoga, reflexology, dance and art therapy. The program is run by an eclectic. group of senior cancer specialists, psycho-oncologists, nutritionists, yoga therapists, and art & dance therapists. Many studies have shown that supportive care programs not only have an impact on Quality of Life but to a certain extent on survival.

In fact Prameya Health conducted a study on 360 cancer patients who participated in the SAHAL FENS program, the initial results of which were presented at the European Society of Medical Oncology, ESMO Asia Conference held in Singapore in November 2019. The results showed that the SAHAI FENS Program had a positive impact on anxiety and depression of the participants. The SAHAI FENS Program has been conceptualised and designed by Dr.P.P. Bapsy, Senior Medical Oncologist also with over 4 decades of experience along with Dr.Sandhya Ravi, Senior Cancer Surgeon with over 3 decades of experience.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The resource cost alone for the program currently is Rs 12,500 per session delivered online. We charge a very nominal fee of Rs 1800 per annum per patient which works out to Rs 30 a session for each patient.
Sponsorships are welcome for the following:
Gift A Program @ 1800 Rs per patient
Gift A Session @ 12,500 Rs per session ( 48 sessions a Year)
Gift Yoga sessions for Cancer Patients @600 Rs per patient /month ( Rs 7200/year)
Gift Breast Prosthesis for Breast Cancer Patients @ranging 1000-7000 Rs per patient
Gift Arm Sleeves ( Compression Garments ) for Breast Cancer Patients @2000 per sleeve.

Contact or Write to Us

If you or your organisation is interested in sponsoring any these programs, please reach out to us at


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080 41219145/ 7349472210 .

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