Yoga Testimonials

Yoga Testimonials

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Mr. Vijayraghavan
Mr. Vijayraghavan Restorative Yoga Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease

I experienced strengthening of muscles, mu movement writing and speech improved, stiffness in joints reduced, and my breathing improved. Previously I had slow movement now I am able to move better with better balance and posture.

Shubha Yale
Shubha Yale Pre-natal Yoga

i had the greatest opportunity of doing pre-natal yoga with Swati Ma'am about 8 years ago but still the memory is fresh in my mind. Even though i had started doing yoga well into my college days the experience of pre-natal yoga is unparalleled to any other workout during pregnancy. Being an active person , having to lug around extra weight had started making me quite uneasy and unnatural. Just walking for 45 mins every morning didn't provide much comfort, but after Swati Ma'am started my sessions on alternate days at 11am for a month, i was hooked. Practising those aasanas alone later became especially easy because of the step-by-step guide that had been provided to me for that one month. Everything became easier; breathing, sitting, making chapathies, walking the dog and especially sleeping. This wonderful confident feel has stayed with me throughout and also helped me coax many a pregnant lady to do yoga asana . The wonderful thing about pre-natal yoga is that it also helps a person ease into a relaxed yoga asana routine post 6weeks of delivery which to my opinion is extremely important for one's mental and physical strength.

Smita Ashok
Smita Ashok Restorative Yoga

Hi everyone!! My name is Smita and I am 55 years old. I joined the yoga class in Premaya when I heard about the benefits of yoga and about a very capable and knowledgeable yoga teacher called Ms. Swati. I was at that time going through a lot of health issues mainly due to carelessness, neglect and may be menopausal issues too.

SR Kalyani
SR Kalyani

Dear Swathi, Learning Yoga at Prameya has been a wonderful experience.I really enjoy the sessions with Swathi.Her way of teaching is unique.Her instructions are clear and easy to understand.The classes are are always dependent on the level of students, but sometimes she understands the capabilities of the student and makes them reach tough postures with ease without giving up. I would definitely give a thumbs up for learning yoga at Prameya. The ambience at Prameya is good and all the people associated with Prameya are cordial and Knowledgeable.

Mr. Narayan

Yoga here is made simple & easy in a congenial atmosphere. Learning process is made with simple steps with a demonstration at each step. It is enjoyable at the same time effective. Swathi is an experienced & patient teacher.