Dance Therapy - The Ghungroo Effect

Dance is the Hidden Language of the Soul

Dance therapy helps connect movement and the brain. It Promotes self-awareness, better body image and self-esteem, and is a safe space for the expression of feelings.  It is often performed in a group. Dance therapy enhances the production of a neurotransmitter called endorphin which thereby makes you feel better when moving also help you concentrate and sleep better, have more energy, and can help you become more resilient when faced with the mental or emotional challenges of life.

Dance Therapy
Session Details

The 30 minute session will consist of the following –

  • Body Balance

  • Mind-body Connect

  • Workout

  • Group Therapy

  • Focused Brain Workout – Macroscopic & Microscopic Movement

  • Improves Overall Quality of life

  • helps in stress management, and perceived stress, 

  • Helps you in pain management, 

  • reduces of anxiety, and depression 

  • Develops a sense of body awareness and thereby improves body image. 

How can you reach us?

Prameya Health is located in Jayanagar, South Bangalore. The centre is conveniently accessible to residents in Jayanagar, Basavanagudi, JP Nagar, BTM Layout, Kanakapura Road, Banashankari and Bannerghatta Road.


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About Prameya Health and the Sahai Cancer Support Programs

Prameya Health located in Jayanagar, Bangalore is holistic cancer support centre. The Sahai Cancer Support Programs address the unmet supportive care needs of individuals with cancer. The program deliver supportive care in the Functional, Emotional, Nutritional, and Spiritual or the FENS Dimensions of Care. The Sahai Programs include Arm Lymphedema Care for Breast Cancer Patients, Cancer Nutrition, Yoga Therapy for Cancer Patients, Psycho-oncology Counselling, Dance Therapy and Art Therapy and our flagship 3-months “Back on Track” Programs.

The programs are designed and delivered by an eclectic team of medical oncologists, cancer surgeons, psycho-oncology counsellors, nutritionists, yoga therapists, dance therapists, art therapists and spiritual counsellors.