Lifestyle Change Programs

Bring your Disease Under Control to Reduce your Dependence on Medications.

High Cholesterol
Fatty Liver

lifestyle change programs
Holistic Programs

This is not just a nutrition consultation. We will help you with exercise plans, motivation & counselling, relaxation & meditation all with the aim of helping you achieve your health goals.

Result Oriented

The program starts with a health goal setting exercise with tangible outcomes such as number of kilos of weight loss. You will then be tracked, motivated and guided towards achieving your goals.


The program is personalised to your individual needs with health goals, nutrition and exercise plans. The program is delivered via 12 individual sessions with our wellness consultants.

Life time programs
What does it take?
Initial Assessment, Doctor Consultation and Goal Setting followed by a 3-months program
The 3-months programs consists of

Tailor-made Personal Sessions
12 Individual Consultations
Fitness Assessment
Diet and Nutrition Plans
Exercise Regimen
Motivation & Counselling
Meditation & Relaxation

What does it take?

Take our evaluation questionnaire and we will get in touch with you.

“My weight had come down to 91 Kgs, losing 46 kgs. I am now no longer suffering from sleep apnea, feel energetic, more confident in myself and don’t need anyone to push me to be healthy.”

Arogataam Program

Make the Change.

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