We empower you to make the change…

We are Prameya Health

Prameya Health is a preventive & supportive health care center based in Bangalore, run by experienced doctors, nutritionists, counsellors, yoga experts and therapists. Our aim is to empower individuals to overcome lifestyle diseases with holistic programs and reduce dependence on medications. 

We help individuals make the change in Functional, Emotional, Nutritional & Spiritual or the FENS dimensions of Care. 

At Prameya Health, we provide both Preventive and Supportive care with a range of holistic programs.

What Our Client Says


Dr. Sharada Sahai Participant

Emotionally and mentally I am a very different person today because of the meditation programs, art, craft and all the different sessions I underwent here every week. Now you may ask me how it has helped me physically? I have lost a lot of weight due to the balanced diet given by the experts,. I am able to move freely and flexibly due to the excellent yoga therapy given in the program.

Vasuki Sahai Participant

My doctor referred me to the Sahai Program. He said I can go there and talk to Dr. Sandhya over there and she will guide you further with your rehabilitation and help you if you are facing any problems.

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