Societal Impact during Menopause

Societal impact during menopause

Menopause usually occurs in a woman’s late 40s or early 50s and is a normal biological process that signifies the end of her reproductive years. It’s a twelve-month period after a woman’s last menstrual cycle and involves significant changes in both her physical and mental health. Menopause is a nearly twenty-year transitional period characterized by significant hormonal drop, often exacerbated by social and cultural stigma for women.

Menopause has a complex social influence on women, impacting not just themselves but also their families, jobs, and communities. It is a period of significant physical and emotional changes for women, necessitating societal awareness and support to help them navigate and overcome challenges. Hot flashes, irregular periods, night sweats, decreased sex drive, depression, anxiety, and sleep issues are some of the symptoms of menopause. Research studies indicate that the experience of menopause varies among cultures. Women who view menopause positively are reporting fewer and less severe symptoms than those linked to ageing.

Prameya Health offers a Prana Sakhi program that helps address the menopausal impact on society. The program/initiative seeks to empower women during this pivotal moment by providing comprehensive support, education, and resources. Utilizing community involvement and education campaigns, Prana Sakhi cultivates a climate that promotes candid discussions on menopause, diminishing stigma and promoting awareness. Consequently, this leads to the development of a more accommodating society structure that acknowledges and meets the particular requirements of women undergoing menopause.

Hence, menopause has an impact on society that goes beyond personal experiences to influence the community’s overall well-being. Programs like Prana Sakhi from Prameya Health promote awareness, understanding, and support for women to navigate this process with resilience and empowerment.

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