Preparing for Pregnancy

preparing for pregnancy


Motherhood is considered a massive step in a woman’s life. But are you ready for pregnancy, childbirth and all the changes that occur with them? It is essential to prepare yourself      especially if you were diagnosed with PCOD or PCOS and taking PCOS treatment for fertility.

Pregnancy brings about so many physical and hormonal changes in the body that it is necessary to take note of those changes and prepare the body for them. It is very confusing with so many suggestions and recommendations, so it is best to consult an expert.

Time of Preparation

The right time to prepare oneself for pregnancy ideally is the time a woman wants it to happen. In pregnancy preparation, both the body and mind should be ready too. Doctors believe the ideal time to begin preparing is around a year or six months in advance. Even three months is also appropriate. But when it comes to PCOS and pregnancy, the time might vary as per the individual’s condition.

Ways of Preparation

Several aspects need to be taken care of while preparing oneself for pregnancy. These are:

● Exercising

Physical exercise is essential to make the body ready for pregnancy. Bicycling, jogging, swimming, yoga every day could make a healthier body and pregnancy easier. There are even particular types of yoga for PCOS and PCOD which are proven to be beneficial.

Eat a Healthy Diet

It is essential to think about the food that you eat during this preparation. The food needs more proteins, vitamins, minerals, iron, calcium and folic acid. Food items like fruits, nuts, whole grains and green vegetables, must be chosen over junk food. A special PCOS diet during pregnancy also helps ease the pregnancy.

Medical Tests

A visit to the doctor is crucial to get an examination and tests in addition to advice from the Doctors. If you are diagnosed with PCOS, this becomes even more important.

Manage Weight

Being underweight or overweight can cause some difficulties in pregnancy. Thus it is essential to watch your weight. The doctor might also suggest an adequate weight test for pregnancy as per your body type and size. So, keeping your weight under check is good for you.

Avoid Toxic Substances

Smoking, drinking, and drug abuse need to be stopped until you stop breastfeeding your child. It is imperative before pregnancy to give up the intake of any toxic substance that might create problems during pregnancy. It is also advisable to reduce caffeine.   

Avoid Stress

Taking care of the self does not mean stressing over things. Reducing stress levels is an important aspect of preparing for pregnancy. Although it might seem to have no direct linkage, too much stress can lead to delay in menses or to have menses more often, which might affect the capability to get pregnant. If you are diagnosed with PCOS you need to be more careful as PCOS and pregnancy comes with special care and needs.


Pregnancy requires great care. It is critical to make sure that the body is not just physically prepared but emotionally prepared as well. The mother’s emotional health has a great      effect on the physical and mental health of the child. It is essential to cater to a special PCOS diet and yoga for PCOS and PCOD for a healthy pregnancy.


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