Yoga for Menopause

Women will go through menopause at some stage in their life.  During menopause, women will experience both mental as well as physical changes.  Menopausal symptoms could include low back pain, degenerating joints, and muscle loss.

During the menopausal phase, women’s health could undergo symptoms related to mental health such as stress, mood swings and emotional distress, such as depression and anxiety.  You begin to feel disturbed and foggy.  You may also encounter a change in sleep pattern, falling asleep or being unable to get restful sleep could be an issue.  Your sleep could be disrupted after which you will find it hard to fall asleep again.  Other symptoms that the whole body typically goes through  fatigue, night sweats, chills, osteoporosis, hot flashes, or sweating.

So, how does a woman manage this when she encounters any of the symptoms?

Yoga will not just help treat the physical pain but will also help reduce the emotional symptoms associated with menopauseRestorative yoga as the name suggests helps restore  health.  Certain yoga poses are exclusively targeted to help women tackle ailments and bring relief.

Women’s health may also experience changes associated with age, such as muscle loss and degenerating joints as your body goes through menopausal changes.  All of these areas can be addressed for relief through certain yoga poses.

Yoga for Menopause can also reduce the emotional symptoms apart from just treating the physical pain.

So, let us look at yoga’s basic concept for women’s health, symptoms, and the linked poses you can follow for managing these symptoms.

Yoga at Prameya Health, the Best Holistic Wellness Center with a holistic treatment approach focuses on yoga.

Yoga for menopause requires poses to be held for a longer period when compared to conventional yoga postures.  Yoga for menopause emphasizes perfect body alignment with postures specifically meant to control these symptoms.

Yoga is a healing technique and a perfect form of practising fitness.  The yoga technique promotes physical, mental, and emotional relaxationYoga is appropriate for all abilities and all age groups and can be done in a relaxed state of mind, in your leisure, emphasising long holds, involves stillness, and deep breathing yogic exercise.

Restorative yoga’s lengthy asanas, postures, and deeper breathing calm the body’s parasympathetic nervous system function, which regulates digestion and aids body and mind relaxation, promotes mental health, recovery, regains your balance, and restores equilibrium.

Women are the backbone of the family, shuttling between family life and professional life, and working hard to manage and balance both; hence, women are more subjected to stress and anxiety when compared to men.

Let us look at the top healthcare benefits of yoga poses for some common symptoms:

For Stress-Relief:  The following yoga poses such as Child’s pose, Happy Baby pose, Legs-on-a-chair pose(Shishuasana), and Reclining bound angle pose (Supta Baddha Konasana) can be practised to help relieve stress.

The savasana yoga pose or corpse pose, which helps relax the muscle tension and offer a great night’s sleep.  This helps to a greater extent to find relief of lower back pain and exhaustion, leading to fatigue, tiredness, sleep issues such as insomnia, and other linked problems.

Another common symptom associated with menopause is migraine.

A migraine headache is a sharp, intense, throbbing, constant pain felt on one side of the head, along with nausea, vomiting, sound, and light sensitivity.

The child position yoga pose, supported by the child’s pose, seated forward fold pose, and corpse pose will help relieve the pain.  Performing these postures will reduce the migraine impact and eventually help you to completely recover in the long run.

Regular yoga practice serves as a catalyst to improve women’s overall health and wellbeing.  Connect with Prameya Health, the top Holistic wellness center in Bangalore, to experience holistic healthcare treatment at the most affordable, result-oriented holistic yoga programs.

Yoga is considered a safe and effective method to manage various symptoms.  So, without any further delay, take time for a few minutes of yoga daily.  The programs at Prameya Health are designed by the experts taking into consideration the wellbeing of women.


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