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A fitter woman is a key to a prosperous society! Women have multiple roles to play and most of the time are into multitasking.   They remain the backbone of their families and have had immense contributions towards a robust national economy as well. In the past few decades, since the economic liberalisation in the early 1990s, many verticals have seen a huge women participation at various levels.


Since then and now, the mindset has changed for good but their attitude aimed at personal health still lacks the holistic well-being to stay fit. Owing to don multiple roles, many women tend to slack on their health and allot lesser time for their wellness. This equates to inviting a terrifying rate of sedentary lifestyle-related health risks affecting women in their early thirties. Common ailments of these lifestyles can range from heart problems to diabetes to burning out.


Women need to take more time for themselves and get engaged in physical fitness, activity, or sports. Urban living has a risky association with obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular ailments. It is more prevalent with a step up in the socioeconomic grade, lower levels of physical activity, high-calorie intake, and those with higher education. Empowering women to engage in sports liberates the woman and her family too!


It is very obvious that health is wealth and stepping towards a healthy life is not a challenging task.   A myriad of ailments can be mitigated through simple yet effective steps by making small transformations in your lifestyle.  To address these ailments that women are more likely to suffer due to managing multiple tasks, yoga is the most cost-effective and natural way that allows your body to work in a relaxed manner.  This means that the answer to your queries of good health lies within you, with your ability to practice yoga regularly.


Studies have revealed that yoga poses or popularly known as asanas can help you alleviate all kinds of ailments. It’s a time-tested solution proven over a long phase of a healthy Indian exercise regime.


Another alternative to a healthy lifestyle is to inculcate a healthy diet and the need to consult a dietitian. Ideal body weight is the most significant aspect of a healthy life.  What you eat determines your weight and including the right food in your diet is extremely important.  Consult our expert dietitian who can guide you towards healthy living! Fitness enthusiasts toe a strict line hitting the gym and try multiple methods to maintain a healthy weight, but it should also be followed with a proper diet.  When guided by an experienced dietitian, the results tend to be better.


A sedentary lifestyle has been treated as an arduous mountain to climb and we at Prameya can be that oxygen apparatus apart from providing supportive care. Over time, we have chartered an organic approach using the Functional | Emotional | Nutritional |Spiritual cycle. Lifestyle change programs have been specially curated at Prameya to suit the lifestyle of women who are in the various phases of their lives.

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