Myths And Facts About Menopause

Myths And Facts About Menopause

Menopause is a biological process in a woman’s life that marks the end of the menstruation cycle.  When a woman attains menopause, she no longer has her monthly periods.  However, this change is accompanied by a number of physical and emotional changes as well.  Menopause naturally begins for a woman in the late 40s to early 50s; however, sometimes due to various reasons, menopause begins early in life.  Though it is a natural biological process, menopause can also be induced as a result of certain medications or surgeries.  However, a lot of myths and facts revolve around this and it is important for every woman to understand these.

Myths and facts about menopause:

Myth – Menopause cannot begin earlier than 40.

It is very well known that most women attain menopause in the late 40s, however, this is not entirely true.

Fact – There are certain instances where menopause can begin in the mid to late 30s due to medical reasons such as premature ovarian failure.

Myth – Menopausal women don’t need the use of contraception. It is obvious that with menopause there is no chance for a woman to conceive and there is no need for a woman to use contraception.

Fact – Even with menopause, the use of contraceptives is suggested until one year after the periods have ceased for women over 50 and two years for women below 50.

Myth – Periods stop instantly.

Some women believe that once in the menopausal age, the periods stop suddenly; however, that is not true.

Fact – It is a gradual process and there is a perimenopausal stage where women experience symptoms that are indicators marking the beginning of menopause.

Myth – Hot flushes are the only symptoms experienced during menopause

The most common belief is that only hot flushes are the symptoms that a woman experiences during menopause.
Fact – A woman experiences a plethora of symptoms such as insomnia, mood swings, weight change, severe headaches, vaginal discomfort, itchy skin, and many more.

Myth – There is no treatment for menopause symptoms.

As stated, most symptoms experienced by a woman in and around the menopause stage are distressing and a common understanding is that no treatment exists and a woman has to suffer through the symptoms.
Fact – There are various treatments available; however, yoga and meditation have been proven as effective and holistic ways to manage menopause symptoms.

Myth Reduction of sexual drive

One of the most common myths is that menopause causes a decrease in sex drive and can impact the relationship.
Fact – Menopause does not cause any changes in libido; however, if a woman experiences any changes, it is due to hormonal imbalance and can be addressed.

The menopause stage just indicates a change in the phase of life of a woman.  However, a woman can still prepare for new possibilities, new challenges in personal and professional life, maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, try out a sport, play a game, go on adventure, travel, and do much more without the fear of symptoms.  The preparedness to manage these symptoms can help a great deal.  Prameya Health caters to the needs of a woman through this phase of life.  We have structured programs designed by our experts to help manage these symptoms and empower women to make the change.

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