What is a Well Women’s Clinic?

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What is a Well Women's Clinic?

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Have you ever thought that a woman faces various health and well-being issues that might go unconsidered in between managing personal and professional life? That’s true! A woman faces various health and well-being issues, which stay unnoticed until proper consultation and guidance are offered. The women’s health clinic offers one such service. 

But what is a Well Women’s Clinic? So, let us look at the concept and the basic programs offered here.


About Well Women’s clinic

A well-woman clinic aims to make it simpler for women to get quick diagnosis and treatment for various common problems. If you require a minor operation that necessitates the use of specialized hospital equipment and facilities, the clinic may be able to send you to a suitable neighboring hospital.

It is a health wellness center that offers a complete range of holistic programs that include Functional, Emotional, Nutritional, and Spiritual or FENS Dimensions of Care.

Offering a complete range of holistic treatments, the Prameya Clinic is the best wellness center in Bangalore.


Top categories of programs offered

The basic criteria for any program are dependent upon the need of the person under consideration. Being the top holistic wellness centre, the various categories of programs that are offered include the following:

  • The Women’s Wellness Screening

The screening is done by the expert and has three major considerations:

  • Contactless Thermal Breast Screening
  • Pap Smear
  • Consultations with Gynecologist and Breast Specialist
  • Nutrition based

For a healthy body, a woman needs to have good nutrition as well. These programs are divided into basic, PCOS-linked, pregnancy-based, and others and define the terms of balanced diet at various stages of a woman’s life.


  • Yoga-based

There is nothing better than yoga, meditation, and relaxation to bring in peace and calmness. Offering flexibility and inner healing, the various programs included are fitness yoga to pregnancy yoga.


  • Fitness and exercise-based.

Starting from yoga and fitness to holistic programs, these are based on offering the required body fitness with the help of simple exercising sessions. Whether it is Zumba to help you with weight maintenance or nutrition weight loss; every aspect is covered here.


  • Spirituality Based Programs

Oriented towards bringing mindfulness in daily life, the spirituality based mindful yoga is both rejuvenating and calming with interesting modules to include meditation and relaxation.


  • Treatment for period problems

Patients visiting well-woman clinics have various period issues, including heavy and irregular periods, few or no periods, and bleeding between cycles. It includes sessions about good nutrition, meditation, and relaxation at the broader level.


  • Pregnancy linked programs

There are broadly three categories of programs that include pre, during, and post Pregnancy linked programs. These include everything from pregnancy yoga near me to gynecologist consultation as and when needed for fertility and family planning.


  • Menopause and related problems

A woman goes through a lot of changes both physically and psychologically surrounding the menopause period.  She experiences various symptoms such as hot flashes, night sweats, chills, insomnia, mood swings, reduced metabolism, mood changes and many others.  The well-women’s clinic at Prameya Health helps women manage menopause-related issues by discussing the issues and customizing the right treatment plan.  A complete health wellness center, Prameya Health offers end-to-end support to women.


  • Doctor Consultations based

Not everyone knows the problem for which they need assistance; sometimes, counseling and consultation are needed. If one is uncomfortable or finding it difficult to visit a doctor, the best way to get connected with our experts for consultation or counseling is to have an online consultation or a video-based counseling online via Zoom.


  • Lifestyle Change based

Every woman needs an amazing lifestyle to have a successful and happy life. As working women face a shortage of time for personal well-being, holistic programs are very important. It is based on the FENS system, which is:

F- Session on staying active in a hectic schedule

E- Sessions to help you overcome guilt, inspire you, and take care of yourself

N- Suggestions for a quick and balanced diet

S- Workshops on how to create and manage relationships without being stressed.


Benefits of Well Women’s Clinic

The top benefits of the holistic wellness center are as follows:


  • Aid in Prevention of ailments

When adequate well-woman care is prioritized, a variety of ailments that affect women can be avoided. Women who prioritize holistic treatments are more aware of changes in their bodies, are better prepared for changing phases of the life.  The Well Women’s Clinic focuses on providing relief for various ailments such as back pain, knee pain, shoulder stiffness, neck pain, and other common ailments, which most women tend to ignore while carrying out their routine chores.


  • Early Detection of issues

Even diseases that one cannot avoid have a significantly better prognosis when discovered early during a routine women’s health clinic assessment. Breast and reproductive cancers can be treated substantially more successfully if found early. Early diagnosis of some possible reproductive issues in women hoping to have children can safeguard their capacity to give birth in the future.


  • Maintain a Higher Quality of Life

It’s not only about recognizing and avoiding major illnesses when it comes to women’s health. When a woman does not have a personal relationship with her health care provider, she is more likely to overlook problems or live with unpleasant symptoms unnecessarily. But visiting holistic health care for lifestyle adjustment might frequently solve the problem completely.


  • Make Yourself a Priority

Women may avoid well-woman care checks for various reasons, but in the end, it all comes down to whether or not you prioritize yourself. You devote so much of your time and energy to caring for others every day, and you deserve the same degree of attention. With the health wellness center assisting in women’s health is simple and quick.



Women’s health is a big concern, and it needs to be addressed promptly. With multiple women’s health programs available at the Well Women’s Clinic, the holistic programs offer a smooth and happy life to every woman. Ensure to connect with the best wellness center in Bangalore, like Prameya, to get the best programs at the most affordable and quality results.  

So start learning Zumba and get to know the low-calorie snacks for your better well-being today.

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