CURRY LEAVES THOKKU Ingredients Curry Leaves : 2 Handful Red Chilly : 8 to 10 nos Tamarind : 1 medium lemon size Hing : ½ tsp Jaggery : 2 tsp Pepper : 1 tsp Mustard : ½ tsp Gingelly Oil : ½ ladle Salt to taste Method Take curry leaves, wash thoroughly and wipe well… Continue reading CURRY LEAVES THOKKU


RAW TURMERIC CHUTNEY Ingredients Raw Turmeric – 50gm Oil – 3 tsp Grated coconut -1 Cup Red chilli- 3 or as per taste Tamarind- Gooseberry size Jaggery – Little less than Tamarind Salt – As per taste Method Wash turmeric well, peel skin, then chop into small circles. Roast it in oil till the raw smell goes off. Then add red chilli and roast it for some more time. Grind this mixture,… Continue reading RAW TURMERIC CHUTNEY


ORANGE PEEL CHUTNEY Ingredients Peel of one orange washed and chopped into bits. Urad Dal – 1 tablespoon Red Chillies – 2 numbers A small bit of Tamarind Jaggery – 1 tablespoon Salt – 1 teaspoon Method In a Kadai, add half a tablespoon of oil & sauté the washed and chopped pieces of orange… Continue reading ORANGE PEEL CHUTNEY


MINT CORIANDER CHUTNEY Ingredients Coriander leaves – 1/2cup (Cleaned and chopped) Mint leaves – 1/2cup (Cleaned and chopped) Garlic – 2clove (optional) Ginger – 1inch Green Chilli – 1 Salt as per taste Method In a small jar add all the above ingredients except curd. blend it into a smooth paste. Add few spoons of… Continue reading MINT CORIANDER CHUTNEY


HOMEMADE TOMATO KETCHUP Ingredients Tomato- 6 medium sized Red chilli powder -1tsp Salt- ½ tsp Sugar- 2 tsp (optional, also quantity depends on sourness of tomatoes) Ginger garlic paste. Method Wash the tomatoes well. Later cook tomatoes for 10 minutes. When the outer skin opens a bit, take out the tomatoes from the water and… Continue reading HOMEMADE TOMATO KETCHUP


ORANGE MARMALADE Ingredients Peel of one orange, Half an orange fruit Half cup of jaggery Quarter tsp of cinnamon powder Quarter tsp of clove powder Pinch of salt Method Peel an orange and retain half of the fruit. Using a sharp knife remove the inner white part of the of the peel (pith) and the fibrous part of the fruit. Remove the seeds. Run the peel and fruit in mixer to a coarse paste and put it in a cup. Measure an equal quantity of jaggery, dissolve in water and strain it. In a saucepan, add the orange peel-pulp, jaggery solution, a pinch… Continue reading ORANGE MARMALADE