Tomato- 6 medium sized

Red chilli powder -1tsp

Salt- ½ tsp
Sugar- 2 tsp (optional, also quantity depends on sourness of tomatoes) Ginger garlic paste.


Wash the tomatoes well. Later cook tomatoes for 10 minutes. When the outer skin opens a bit, take out the tomatoes from the water and discard the water. Once it comes to normal temperature blend it to a fine puree.

Strain puree into a pan with thick base. Add red chili powder, salt and sugar, ginger garlic paste, you can increase or decrease as per your taste. Boil it in a very low flame till you get the ketchup consistency. Remember to add less salt initially as it becomes quite dominant post evaporation.

You can also add vinegar to the ketchup. I generally don’t add and it stays good up to 5-6 days on refrigeration. Refrigerate it in a dry airtight container.

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