The word Ut in Sanskrit means Deliberate or intense and tana means stretch. The practice of uttansana helps the body and the brain recover from Mental and Physical exhaustion.



  1. Helps those who are prone to depression and anxiety

  2. Slows down the heartbeat

  3. Tones the liver ,spleen and kidneys

  4. Reduces abdominal and back pain during menstruation


Procedure to do the Asana:

For beginners:

You can keep the feet a little apart and instead of the palms touching the floor the tips of the fingers can touch the floor or strch the arms forward until you are more flexible. Stand in tadasana with your legs straight and fully stretched. Tighten your knee caps and then pull them upward, take your arms up and strech your whole body . Take one or two breaths then exhale and bend forward from the waist. Make sure that your body weight is placed equally on both feet. Hold on to the pose for 30-60 seconds.

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