A great pose to work the whole body ! 

A side bend and a twist opens the hip and the heart ❤️!!

Can you ask for more ? Yes ! Strengthens the core too !

A great mood elevator pose for those times when you feel low 

Stand in Tadasana
  1. Step your feet 3-4 ‘ apart . Turn your left foot 90 degrees out and your right foot slightly in.

  2. Left heel must align with the arch of the right foot 

  3. Keeping both legs firm and straight extend your arms parallel to the floor , exhale and reach your left arm and torso down to the left 

  4. Place the left hand on the shin, or floor on the outside of the foot 

  5. Extend your right arm straight up with fingers stretched

  6. If you find it difficult to reach the floor place your hand on a block 

  7. Stay in this pose for 1-5 breaths 

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