The Impact of Ill-Fitting Active Wear on Breast Health

The impact of ill-fitting active wear on breast health

Ill-fitting activewear/sportswear can be uncomfortable and negatively impact breast health, from short-term pain to long-term complications. Inadequate fitting and support for the breasts can cause tension on the ligaments that support them, which makes physical activity painful and uncomfortable. The FENS Prana Sakhi program from Prameya Health helps youngsters and women understand the importance of wearing the right activewear along with guidance.

Sportswear comes in various shapes, sizes, colours, and price ranges, but the main focus is on providing adequate support for your breasts during any activity. Especially during high-impact exercises like sprinting or leaping, repetitive motion without sufficient support can cause tissue injury and eventually result in sagging breasts. Additionally, poorly fitting sportswear may not offer enough compression, increasing breast mobility and perhaps irritating the skin and nipples.

Insufficient support can worsen existing conditions like mastalgia (breast pain) or mastitis (breast inflammation), making exercise uncomfortable or even painful for those affected by these conditions. On the contrary, an appropriately fitting set of sportswear decreases breast movement during physical activity, eases the strain on ligaments and tissues, and promotes breast health.

Hence, it is better to invest in well-fitting sportswear/activewear to preserve ideal breast health and guarantee comfort and confidence when exercising.  To learn more about breast health, get in touch with Prana Sakhi from Prameya Health

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