Breast Augmentation Surgeries and Impact on Breast Health

Breast augmentation surgeries and impact on breast health

Breast augmentation surgery uses implants to improve breast size and shape, offering numerous benefits. However, patients should be aware of potential risks and complications. Breast implant procedures often require a thorough medical evaluation before surgery, which can potentially identify any underlying health issues.

Furthermore, as patients are usually urged to have routine screenings and exams following surgery, the procedure may raise awareness and vigilance regarding breast health. Nonetheless, there may be complications connected to breast augmentation that might negatively impact the health of the breast. Implant rupture, alterations in nipple feeling, and capsular contracture (a tightening of the scar tissue surrounding the implant) are examples of very uncommon complications. Implants may make it more difficult to identify breast abnormalities during mammography or self-examinations, requiring the use of particular imaging methods or procedures to make an accurate diagnosis.

Patients thinking about breast augmentation should speak with their medical professionals in-depth regarding the advantages and disadvantages of the procedure. As advised by medical specialists, they should also commit to routinely monitoring their breast health, which includes thermal screening, clinical breast exams, and self-examinations.

Therefore, proactive communication with family doctors and close observation is essential to maintaining overall breast well-being despite the diverse effects of breast augmentation. FENS Prana Sakhi program from Prameya Health helps women by educating and guiding them about breast health and the process to follow in maintaining them.

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