Sahai Program

Sahai Program

Cancer not only affects the body, but also the mind and the spirit. It brings a lot of emotional change. It’s a hard journey that needs strong support. The FENS Sahai Cancer Support Program by Prameya Health is a ray of hope for those navigating the difficult terrain of cancer. It offers holistic care in all dimensions namely functional, emotional, nutritional, and spiritual (FENS).

Within its functional aspect, the program emphasizes healing and restoration via specific therapies including yoga, exercise, and lymphedema care. Targeted care is provided for lymphedema, a common side effect of cancer treatment, to increase mobility and improve overall quality of life. Incorporating yoga and exercise promotes physical healing while giving participants a sense of empowerment as they regain control over their bodies.

The program addresses the psychological effects of cancer. Feelings of anxiety, guilt, regret, despair, and others are very common following the diagnosis of cancer. FENS Sahai Program provides support by offering individual counseling provided by licensed psychologists and counselors, who give a secure environment to share their feelings and find strength in the community. The program not only provides motivation and counseling, but also helps with grooming and usage of prosthesis and wigs, thus returning to a normal quality of life.

Personalized dietary advice is part of the program’s nutritional support, which recognizes the critical role nutrition plays in supporting the body before, during, and after cancer therapies. Dieticians collaborate closely with patients to create meal plans that are specific to their requirements and ensure they get the nutrients they need to be as healthy as possible.

Keeping the spirits high is very challenging throughout the cancer journey. FENS Sahai program incorporates dance, music, art, and meditation into its program to address the spiritual dimension. With these activities, individuals can express themselves and find a connection to their inner strength, which helps in their spiritual well-being. The FENS Sahai Cancer Support Program aims to offer a comprehensive support system by integrating all four aspects, promoting not only physical recovery but also emotional resilience, nutritional well-being, and spiritual enrichment for cancer patients.

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