Restorative Yoga for Women – Common Ailments Faced By Women

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga for Women – Common Ailments Faced By Women

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As a woman, you need to perform hundreds of tasks, from managing a family to juggling your professional life. But the biggest concern that is linked to the same is the ailments that a woman faces, right from basic stress, various body pains, and other issues that they face daily.

Though there are various ways to cure such ailments, there is one best option with no side effects and that is restorative yoga. So, let us look at the basic concept of restorative yoga for women’s health, a few ailments, and the linked poses you can follow for betterment.

About Restorative Yoga

Restorative yoga is a yoga method that promotes physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Restorative yoga is appropriate for all abilities and is done leisurely, emphasizing lengthy holds, stillness, and deep breathing. Restorative yoga is fundamentally a passive healing technique. It is a perfect form of fitness yoga.

As the name implies, it “restores” the body to its parasympathetic nervous system function, which helps the body relax, recover, and restore equilibrium. Restorative yoga promotes relaxation by offering time for lengthier asanas (postures or poses) and deeper breathing.

Though there is no match for meditation and relaxation, restorative yoga is based on the B.K.S. Iyengar’s teachings. It emphasizes perfect body alignment in yoga poses using props such as straps, blocks, blankets, and bolsters. Where Zumba is a bit fast-paced exercise, restorative yoga is one with slow-paced movements.

Perfect Holistic Health Care; let us look at the top benefits and restorative yoga poses for the most common ailments in women.

Common Woman Ailments and the Yoga Solutions

When it comes to the best Holistic Wellness Center, the most common ailments that you can resolve with the help of restorative yoga poses are as follows:

  • Stress
  • Working day and night while managing family and professional life, is not easy. It is one of the reasons that stress is relatively high in women as compared to men. Having stress for a long time can lead to anxiety and various other ailments. Though there are various stress-relieving methods, restorative yoga is one of the best.

    The various restorative yoga poses that you can try are Child’s pose, Happy Baby pose, Legs-on-a-chair pose, and Reclining bound angle pose.

  • Neck-Shoulder Stiffness
  • Most of the women are usually employed into desk jobs that can cause neck and shoulder stiffness. Not reckoning the problem for long can cause issues with the spine and lead to free movement issues.

    The restorative yoga pose which is considered to be best for this is the fish pose. It is a comfortable pose that is done with the help of a bolster or two folded blankets or towels under your shoulders and head.

  • Lower-back Problem And Exhaustion
  • There is no match between yoga and fitness when it comes to treating the most common ailments. One such ailment is the lower back and exhaustion, leading to tiredness, sleep issues, and other linked problems.

    The restorative yoga pose that is considered best for this is the chair savasana, which helps relax the muscle tension and offer a great night’s sleep.

  • Arthritis
  • Arthritis is a frequent rheumatic ailment usually in women aged 55+, but recent survey has shown that women suffer from arthritis even as early as 45+.  Arthritis affects people of all ages these days, causing pain, stiffness, and swelling in and around one or more joints. Found in various women, restorative yoga is found to be effective.

    The restorative yoga pose which is considered to be best for this is the child pose.  Additionally, Supported child’s pose, downward-facing deep resting pose, and corpse pose can help with the pain relaxation.

  • Migraine
  • A migraine headache is characterized by sharp, throbbing pain or a pulsating feeling on one side of the brain. It is frequently accompanied by nausea, vomiting, and excessive light and sound sensitivity.

    The child position is said to be the finest restorative yoga pose for this. Furthermore, supported child’s pose, seated forward fold pose, and corpse pose are also helpful.

Benefits of Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a perfect holistic health care method that can offer help for various ailments. The main benefits of restorative yoga are as follows:

  • It helps to reduce stress and tension.
  • It helps to eliminate the pain.
  • It helps to improve sleep.
  • It helps in better digestion.
  • It improves your well-being.
  • It helps to soothe the nervous system.
  • It improves mood.
  • It is beneficial during pregnancy.
  • It offers better blood circulation.
  • It helps to beat depression.

Though there are various options to improve women’s health, yoga and fitness are some of the finest ways to approach them. Connect with the top wellness centers in Bangalore, such as Prameya Health, to receive the greatest holistic treatments with the most affordable and result-oriented yoga programs. So start learning restorative and fitness yoga and switch to a balanced diet for your better well-being today.

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