Cancer Prevention Foods-What’s right for you?

cancer prevention foods

Cancer Prevention Foods-What’s right for you?

The first online session in our series on cancer nutrition was completed on 30th May led by Krupa Prashanth, Cancer Nutritionist and Dr. Sandhya Ravi, Breast Specialist. Out experts put together some recommendations, guidelines and answered questions in a very interactive session.


There are many foods that claim to be cancer protective and there is a lot of information on social media and online. It is important for you to make an informed choice as a patient undergoing cancer treatment, a concerned caregiver or even someone trying to reduce risk factors of cancer. This program helps you make the right choices. Check out what our experts have to say and listen to some of the questions that our audience asked.

If you would like to know more or speak to our cancer nutritionist call us or message us on +91 73494 72210 or email us on Prameya Health provides supportive care for cancer patients during and post treatment such as nutrition advice, managing stress and anxiety, yoga, counselling and other therapies. We provide nutrition consultation for cancer patients in our centre in Bangalore in addition to online consultations which you can avail from wherever you are located.

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