The Well Women’s Clinic at Prameya Health -: A holistic initiative for women’s wellness across all ages

A holistic initiative for women's wellness across all ages

Although the years after menopause are often the healthiest and happiest years of a woman’s life, physiologic health can be affected by the menopause and postmenopausal states. The loss of ovarian hormones can increase your risk of metabolic syndrome and osteoporosis. Mood changes, cognitive impairment, sexual dysfunction, immunosuppression and neuromusculoskeletal changes can also occur during menopause. These conditions increase your risk of heart disease, which is the most common cause of death among women over 65.

As ageing women are at greater risk for health issues, a multi-disciplinary approach to healthy ageing needs to include holistic assessments and strategies to support post-reproductive health.


“My Wellness partner – FENS prana sakhi” is an innovative initiative of Prameya Health. With a team of qualified clinicians, Prameya Health provides holistic care for women across all 4 dimensions of health through different FENS Prana Sakhi programs. Prameya Health offers holistic women’s health programs run in the Functional, Emotional, Nutritional and Spiritual or FENS Dimensions of Care.

Yoga & lifestyle programs suited for various age groups are included in the Prana Sakhi program.


Highly experienced doctors, evidence-based practice and a holistic approach to women’s wellness makes Prameya Health different from others. Prameya Health is into exclusive women health and hence trains for an  open communication, efficient time management, self-care, and flexibility which stands as key ingredients to create a fulfilling and harmonious family life.

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