Reboot your Mind – Learn to Manage your Emotions

reboot your mind

Reboot your Mind - Learn to Manage your Emotions

Usha Madan, Counsellor and Psychologist at Prameya Health spend an hour with Participants on an on line session titled “Reboot your Mind – Learn to Manage your Emotions”


The topics covered were

1. What’s emotion? Emotional Quotient, Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Regulation

2. Need for identifying and understanding one’s own emotions n it’s impact on one’s life (intra personal relationship)

3. Need for understanding others emotions ( inter personal relationships)

4. Strategies to develop good ER

5. Effect of unresolved emotions A) anxiety B) Depression C) Psychosomatic issues

6. Stress Management -Coping up skills A) In general B) With respect to present COVID 19 situation of uncertainty. The session was held on 4th July 2020 at 11 A.M

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