Managing Arm Lymphedema for Breast Cancer

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Managing Arm Lymphedema for Breast Cancer

Prameya Health, Bangalore organised a free online program on Prevention and Management of Arm Lymphedema for Breast Cancer Patients & Survivors  on 2nd May 2020. The program was attended by by over 65 participants from all over India. 

The objective was educating participants about lymphedema and promoting the importance of supportive therapies for lymphedema care. The session was delivered by experts such as oncologists, breast specialists, general practitioners, physiotherapists and yoga therapists. 

  1. Dr Sandhya Ravi , Breast Specialist and Program Director, Sahai Programs 

  2. Dr. P.P Bapsy, Medical Oncologist and Program Director, Sahai Programs 

  3. Dr. Shravya Shiva, Wellness Consultant

  4. Sneha BS, MPT (Neuroscience), Member of WFNR – Neuro Physiotherapist

  5. Swati Raghavendra, MSc – Yoga Therapist

Sneha BS was the moderator with concluding remarks provided by Dr. P.P Bapsy.

After an introduction to lymphedema and how it occurs, the risk factors were explained to the participants. The session had a discussion on specific issues faced by patients and the insights in how to manage them. The goal was to educate patients on the symptoms of the disease and empower them to manage it with an emphasis on prevention and protection.

An engaging demonstration of Exercise and Yoga were presented to the audience by Sneha BS and Swati Raghavendra respectively. Important practical tips on  skin care and diet were shared with the participants. The session finally proceeded to an overview of the Complete Decongestion Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and an introductory guide to using bandages, wraps and compression garments. Dr Bapsy shared her experiences on the importance of managing lymphedema for breast cancer patients. This was followed by Q & A answered by the expert panel. 

Prameya Health offers a unique holistic supportive care program for individuals with breast cancer and lymphedema. Sahai FENS is the flagship program and offers supportive care for cancer in the functional, emotional, nutritional and spiritual or the FENS dimensions of care.

In the lymphedema program, the assessment and manual lymphatic drainage is conducted by a trained specialist.  Yoga is an integral part of the program with an emphasis on mind-body connect. Yoga helps in improving posture, muscle strength, balance, reducing anxiety and depression, and instilling a sense of calm which translates into a better quality of life. On the whole the therapy aims at enhancing the lymphatic drainage and thereby reducing symptoms such swelling or pain.

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