Impact of Oral Contraceptives on Breast Health

Impact of Oral Contraceptives on Breast Health

Breast cancer is a serious and sometimes fatal disease among women that causes abnormal growth of breast cells. Oral contraceptives also referred to as birth control pills, have drawn attention owing to their possible effects on breast health. There is a complicated and multifaceted interaction between oral contraceptives and breast health.

As per research, the risk of breast cancer in women may be modestly increased by oral contraceptives. The risk may last up to ten years after use but then fade. Furthermore, different oral contraceptive types may have varying effects on breast health due to differences in the hormone composition and dosage (progestin and estrogen). Newer formulations with lower hormone doses may pose a lower risk compared to older formulations. Individuals should consult healthcare providers about oral contraceptives, considering factors like personal medical history, family history of breast cancer, age, and lifestyle when making decisions.

On the contrary, there is evidence linking oral contraceptives to specific protective benefits on breast health. They may lower the chance of endometrial and ovarian malignancies, which indirectly improves general health and well-being. All women, regardless of whether they use contraception, should get routine breast exams and screenings to identify any abnormalities as soon as possible. Prameya Health organises and helps women with the detection of breast cancer through its FENS Prana Sakhi Program.

In the end, the choice to use oral contraceptives should be based on personal choices and health needs, taking any dangers and benefits into account. FENS Prana Sakhi program of Prameya Health guides and helps women handling various health issues.

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