Guidelines for Good Breast Health

For general well-being and the avoidance of several health issues, such as breast cancer, maintaining optimal breast health is crucial. The medical fraternity advocates for early breast cancer detection through a combined approach of mammography, clinical breast examination, and self-examination, aiming to reduce death rates.

Here are a few guidelines to follow for better breast health:

Family History – Consider your family’s medical history, especially if you have a history of breast cancer, and discuss screening and prevention strategies with your family doctor.

Self-Examinations – Examine your breasts once a month to become familiar with their usual appearance and feel. If you notice any abnormalities or changes, consult and seek advice from your physician.

Clinical Breast Screening – Seeing your doctor for a clinical breast exam regularly once a year will help identify any abnormalities early on.

Mammograms – Mammograms are crucial for early detection of breast cancer. Follow the mammography recommendations made based on your age and risk factors.

Regular Exercise – Regular physical activity, including 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week, can reduce breast cancer risk and enhance overall health.

Healthy Lifestyle – Lead a healthy lifestyle to lower your risk of breast cancer, which includes eating a balanced diet, limiting alcohol intake and not smoking.

Healthy Weight – Strive to maintain a healthy weight through a combination of diet and exercise. A higher risk of breast cancer is associated with obesity, particularly after menopause.

Breastfeeding – Never miss the opportunity of breastfeeding, as it is beneficial for both mother and child. It lessens the chance of breast cancer.

Hence, regular screenings, healthy lifestyle choices, and body awareness are essential for maintaining optimal breast health and reducing the risk of breast cancer and other related issues. For more health concerns, contact Prameya Health, for we help women with health issues through our FENS Prana Sakhi program.

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