Promoting Positive Body Image During Puberty: Embracing Breast Changes and Self-Acceptance

Adolescence is the time between childhood and adulthood. During this time, the human body undergoes significant changes. These changes, referred to as puberty, symbolize the period during which humans grow into adults. Many adolescents feel unhappy with their appearance during puberty, especially when it comes to their weight, height and muscle size. In this article, we explore how these changes impact body image, the way adolescents view their bodies and what positive body image during puberty is all about.

We at Prameya Health, helps you focus on body positivity, the movement that encourages people to embrace their bodies regardless of how they look because these body image concepts inturn help people understand how physical changes associated with puberty might impact mental health.

Puberty leads to two main physical changes: height and weight gain; and growth of secondary sex characteristics. Some parts of the body that develop during puberty are not directly required for reproduction, such as breasts, hips, and facial hair. But both these changes can impact young people’s body image.

What is body positivity?

When someone feels good about the way they look, it’s called positive body image. It’s when someone feels good about their body, no matter what size, shape or physical characteristics they have.

Body positivity isn’t just about what you see on social media. It’s about feeling good about the way you look, no matter what weight, size or looks you have.

In fact, body positivity is more likely to affect boys than girls. Some girls may feel positive about the changes that happen to their bodies, such as curves and strength. Both boys and girls can benefit from changes that occur during puberty, such as increased athletic ability, which can increase their popularity.

From breast development and pubic hair growth to your first period, puberty is a rollercoaster of changes. Puberty is a gradual process that happens over several years, not all at once. Certain signs of puberty may appear at a young age, while others may appear several years later.

But while everyone is going through puberty, everyone’s experience is different. Everyone goes through puberty at a different rate, as everybody is different. It’s all part of the process of growing up, and to make sure you’re taking the right steps to care for yourself.

Many teens experience feelings of excitement, anxiety, and confusion during adolescence because of all the changes that occur. But knowing what to expect before puberty hits can help ease some of the stress. FENS Prana sakhi by Prameya Health, is a holistic approach taking into account the individual in total, for females of all age groups addressing their Functional, Emotional, Nutritional & Spiritual dimensions as well.

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