Likitha Naama Japa

Likitha Naama Japa

Today’s world of ever changing technologies and gadgets, people often ask me about the role of handwriting in our lives. Most of the tech savvy people claim that they have forgotten handwriting. Here the analogy of walking, as an exercise, comes in strikingly. It was almost towards the end of the twentieth century, we started seeing people going for a regular walk. Handwriting too can be an exercise which works on both, body and mind.

Likhita Nama Japa is an age old Indian practice. Indian tradition is rich in rituals and practices which are beneficial to the practitioner in multiple ways. This practice, which pervades over Thought, Word and Deed (‘Kaya’, ‘Vacha’ & ‘Manasa’), ensures complete involvement of deed, word & thought. Many of us have witnessed our elders practice ‘Ram nam’ or shadakshari mantra, by writing every day. Campaigns are conducted in temples and mutts.

Mindful Yoga

There are several historic references available to this practice and one of the prominent names that comes to the fore is sant Samarth Ramadas ji, from Maharashtra. This program has been designed by experts, who have worked to combine the principles of psychology, graphology and faith, which optimizes the impact.Irrespective of caste, creed or religion our roots are strongly grounded in faith. This unshakable faith has helped us face difficult situations and to overcome some of our traumatic experiences in life. But there are situations when despair takes over. The road ahead looks unclear or as if does not exist. LNJ is a wonderful program which empowers us to face such adversities.
Apart from relief from adversities, ‘Kashta Nivaran’, LNJ can be an effective tool for ‘Ishta Sadhana’ or achieving success/ desired outcomes. Many a practitioners of LNJ have produced ‘Amazing’ results for themselves. It requires closely working with your guide and monitoring the progress. Practice of LNJ with the relevant ‘sankalpa’ or statement ofpurpose can get the desired results for the writer.

Gentle Birth Yoga :
Becoming a mother is the most awaited moment for every woman. Preparation begins right from the period of conception